Bitcoin Cash and SmartBCH have lots of potential. SmartBCH will enable smart contracts using Bitcoin Cash as gas. Ethereum is an interesting cryptocurrency. Transaction fees for Ethereum have been too high relatively recently though. SmartBCH has the potential to enable Web3, like Ethereum, but with lower transaction fees effectively. Cryptocurrencies have the potential to decentralize banks, effectively.

Bitcoin Cash is one of the best cryptocurrencies because transaction fees remain low and it already has a decent network effect going for it. Bitcoin Cash has the potential to effectively bank the unbanked all over Earth. Hopefully Bitcoin Cash usage will increase…

Wikis can effectively function as a sort of social network. Here is an idea for improving MediaWiki and more. MediaWiki is the software that runs Wikipedia. Functionality of different social media sites and apps has seemed to mostly converge over time.

I hope that open source developers decide to create a MediaWiki release that is secure and up to date, but it is as easy to install, manage, and upgrade as WordPress is. …

In his book The Medicalization of Everyday Life, Szasz compares the idea of mental illness to phlogiston theory. Phlogiston was a theory about combustion and oxidation that was sort of right, but it was ultimately wrong. Oxidation in chemistry took the place of phlogiston theory. Mental illness is sort of correct in describing human misery and distress; however, it is ultimately wrong and incomplete. According to Szasz, mental illness is a metaphor that is improperly literalized — like the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation. In his book Psychiatry: The Science of Lies, Szasz compares psychiatric diagnoses as diseases to art forgeries…

Many Christians have contradictory goals with respect to religion and psychiatry in modern society. Many or most Christians ostensibly want to maintain Judeo Christian political and cultural supremacy in a supposedly secular culture, and also allow quasi secular psychiatry to enforce Judeo Christian suicide prohibitions through psychiatric coercion (psychiatric slavery and effectively torture) . In his book The Myth of Psychotherapy, Thomas Szasz notes that psychiatry is effectively a fake religion which is hostile to and destructive towards real religion. There are multiple articles of faith in psychiatry, which psychiatry pretends are objective and scientific. Psychiatry is scientistic, not scientific.

Greetings. Vitalik links to Fable of the Dragon Tyrant directly in his Twitter profile it seems. Awesome! that fable has a moral that can relate to aging/healthspan potentially.
Is his top pinned Tweet, he also tries (unsuccessfully) to link to (@)SENSTweet (SENS Research Foundation).
(@)senstweet is the correct link. What you link to for SENS is wrong Twitter handle. I hope Vitalik might notice and fix that to help educate humans about radical life extension.
Vitalik has a lot of social influence due to Ethereum and he is really doing all humans a favor by helping to educate humanity about…

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s) may be the future of business. Laws and regulations need to start catching up to the current economics realities of cryptocurrencies and mass adoption of Internet and smartphone technologies.

What if we could create an open source business plan that entrepreneurs in developing nations could utilize to earn profit for themselves while also promoting Bitcoin Cash?

Perhaps the Register could be setup to voluntarily send some small percentage of sales (maybe .1% to .25% perhaps) for the first year to whoever helps to onboard the merchant?

Perhaps can be a model for how to…

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s) have a lot of potential. SmartBCH is software that will help to bridge Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

Ethereum enables some pretty amazing things with Solidity and Smart Contracts. I was using Ethereum when fees were around $0.30 to $0.60. The fees seemed sort of high, but not so high as to make Web3 unusable. Now with transaction fees around $12.00, Ethereum seems much less useful for decentralized finance.

DAO’s with Bitcoin Cash can be especially interesting, since if transaction fees for SmartBCH can stay near where they are for Bitcoin Cash, then those Earning less than…

So I have a few goals.

I have four primary goals which may have many sub-goals.

1. Help to defeat aging.
2. Outlaw psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry.
3. Help to implement universal basic income.
4. Help humans to see with spiritual vision.

I have realized recently that resurrection technologies (scientific or spiritual) may be quite fruitful.

According to the book A Course In Miracles, we can resurrect those that have died.

If we are just information, then in theory, science could be utilized to resurrect those that have died.

Perhaps aliens resurrected Jesus to fulfill prophecies and to help…

Perhaps, Infinite can know finite. Finite can sometimes understand the theory of infinite. Finite has limits. Infinite has no limits. Maybe both can have the illusion of death.

Finite can…

Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz wrote a whole book lambasting antipsychiatry. The book is entitled Antipsychiatry: Quackery Squared. Ironically, Szasz was often labeled as being an “antipsychiatrist”, even though he vehemently rejected…

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